Rose Pistachio Luqoum


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Rose Pistachio Luqoum

Ingredients: pistachios, rose,  natural coloring, glucose, coconut, water, Vanilla, sugar, corn starch, citric acid,
Greek grapes.


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Rose Pistachio Luqoum

Luqoum is one of the sweets that you see in making a presentation of the painting is the luxurious sweet halqum and it is derived from the presentation “Rahatül Hulkum” and “Lukme”, appearing to relax the throat (soothing the throat).
Rahat Al-Luqoum is a soft and chewy sweet with a delicious taste, consisting of sugar and starch as essential ingredients.
Sweets are loved by adults and children. Eat it with plain biscuits or serve it with coffee or tea. It may be made with mastic, with the flavor of roses and fruits, or stuffed with delicious pistachios.

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