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We roast the Pistachio very elaborately, making them more crunchy and delicious.

Roasted Pistachio without fat,

Ingredients: Pistachio, sea salt

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Pistachios are grown throughout the Mediterranean and the United States. The fruits grow on a high pistachio tree that reaches a height of ten meters and is white to light brown in colour and contains oily green seeds and an aromatic taste like spices and almonds.

Pistachio is not only a delicious type of nut, but it is one of the many foods that are diverse in their health benefits due to their richness in high nutritional values.
The most prominent benefits of pistachios are as follows:

1. Possesses antioxidant properties

2. It contains a lot of proteins

3. Helps reduce weight

4. Promotes healthy gut bacteria

5. Contributes to lowering cholesterol and blood pressure

6. Regulates blood sugar level

7. Promotes iron absorption

Pistachios are often served as a crunchy snack at social gatherings.


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