Nougat Extra Pistachio cardamom 


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Nougat Extra Pistachio cardamom

One of the finest types of white nougat with special pistachio.

Ingredients: pistachio, cardamom,almond, sugar, glucose, egg white, water, vanilla, salt

Approx 45 pcs per 1 kg.

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Nougat Extra Pistachio cardamom

Nougat is a name derived from the Qostanian language, meaning bread of nuts, and nougat is a dessert prepared from sugar and nuts. It is said that its original homeland is in southern Europe, where it is very popular there, especially during the Christmas seasons. After that, it spread in Syria and became one of the very famous sweets.

store in cool and dry places at a temperature between (15 ° and -20 °) degrees. “Allergen Statement This product: May contain wheat gluten, tree nuts and dairy products. We are not responsible for bad storage.

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