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Nest BulBul

Various types of baklava and thread dough, are filled with fine pistachios.

Ingredients: pistachio, cashew, wheat flour, wheat starch, corn starch, ghee (clarified butter), sugar, water, milk powder, and salt.
Non-GMO product

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Nest BulBul 250g

Syrian baklava with pistachios makes these pastries a real treasure.

Baklava is one of the most famous sweets all over the world, and each country has its own unique way of making it, and we offer you this product in Hungary in our own way with the highest quality standards.

Our experience extends over 25 years in making baklava and one of its advantages is the lowest sugar content – the focus here is on the taste of honey with aromatic nuts and butter puff pastry.

Among the novels written about baklava is The Baklava Club: A Novel by Jason Goodwin in 2014, as well as Sweet Baklava, written by Debbie Mayne in 2011. The language of Baklava).

We have different types of baklava. So you can choose the one you like from more than 15 types.

store in a cool and dry place at a temperature between (15 ° and -20 °) degrees. “Allergen Statement This product: May contain wheat gluten, tree nuts, and dairy products.
We are not responsible for bad storage.

Order fresh baklava now from Charisma.

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