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We roast the cashew nuts very elaborately, making them more crunchy and delicious.

Roasted cashews without fat,

Ingredients: cashew nuts, sea salt

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Cashews are one of the most delicious natural nuts and have a very distinctive and rich taste.

Roasting makes their texture crisper, and at the same time enhances the flavour of the nuts.

Cashews are a special type of nuts, as they are the only fruit that carries the core outside the fruit.

The kernels are roasted very elaborately and can only be peeled afterwards.

The cashew tree originates from South America and is grown today mainly in Brazil, India, China,

and also Africa, Cashew kernels contain vitamin B1 carbohydrates responsible for carbohydrate

metabolism and unsaturated fatty acids, high-quality vegetable proteins, fats and fibre.

Cashews are a popular snack, but also a good accompaniment to meat and poultry dishes.

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