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We are the exclusive agents of Charisma Goods GmbH in Hungary and Austria and are proud to offer the finest oriental sweets and nuts to gourmet customers.

Our commitment is serving our valued customers by providing and offering them the best products, and continuing our approach to development. While maintaining the original foundation and principles. We are proud that our premium desserts are made with the finest ingredients in our own workshop based on our own recipes. We work with the most exciting textures and flavors in the art of sweets, creating incomparable moments as well as visual and taste experiences.

The look and artistry of our products hide unforgettable textures and surprises.

Our sweets are made based on traditional Syrian recipes, and in many cases by rethinking classic Hungarian sweets, using the latest technology, one by one, with careful work.

Charisma has always adhered to the highest standards of integrity and the finest detail of valuable customer service

We offer the most delicious Arabic sweets, Lebanese sweets, and Jordanian sweets.

  • Natural Organic Product
  • Packaging Design
  • Best In Class
  • Only Fresh Ingredients
  • Quality Certificates
  • Wide Range of Products
our mission

“Making sweets is an art that we have perfected over the years to make our customers happy”

Albiek Hikmat
General Manager

Made with love
unique syrian sweets for everyone

  • Natural Organic Product
  • Packaging Design
  • Best Quality


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